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Same Sex Relationships

In 2011, New York State passed the Marriage Equality Act allowing same‑sex couples to legally marry. Even though New York State now recognizes same‑sex marriages, same‑sex couples still face a number of legal issues involving separation or divorce, property, custody, and their rights. In addition, there are other legal matters to consider, such as whether a couple should get married in New York if they have a marriage license from another jurisdiction.

If you are a same sex couple in New York City, Westchester County, or Rockland County and want to plan for your future, or you are facing a legal dispute, it is important to know your rights and your options under the law. Lawrence B. LaRaus, Esq. has experience in handling even the most complex cases and can effectively protect your interests. Lawrence B. LaRaus, Esq. takes the time to understand the unique nature of your case. We will review your rights and obligations, identify potential legal issues, and develop a comprehensive solution to help you move forward. Whether we are helping you and a partner plan for the future, or representing your interests during a divorce, you can trust in our professionalism and ability to accomplish your objectives.

We handle same sex and domestic issues involving: domestic partnerships, Marriage and separation or divorce, Custody and support, and prenuptial agreements. Like in any marriage, circumstances may change between a same‑sex couple that lead to a separation or divorce. Previous contracts, such as a prenuptial agreement, may be enforced.


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