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Woman Turns To Social Media To Convince Husband To Grant Divorce

Couple Was Married In A Religious Ceremony, But Wife Now Wants Out

A Brooklyn woman is turning to social media in order to pressure her husband to give her a ‘get,’ a Jewish divorce, according to CBS New York. The woman claims she suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband and fought for a divorce for two years. The husband, however, claims that his wife’s stories of abuse are fabricated and that he will grant the get once their custody battle is settled.

Facebook Page Launched

The woman, with help from family and friends, has set up a Facebook page asking for support in her fight to have her husband grant her a get. In the Jewish religion, a divorce is only considered valid once the husband agrees to grant it. The Facebook page already has over 5,000 likes. A website set up in her support has already received $16,000 in donations.

The husband, however, claims that the wife’s accusations of abuse are fabricated and that no charges were ever brought against him. Additionally, he says that the woman is merely trying to make money off of him and create a media sensation. He says that he will grant the get once their child custody dispute has been settled. One rabbi speaking with the New York Daily News, however, said that withholding a get in the hopes of winning a custody dispute is itself wrong.

Religious Marriage Recognized

The couple never obtained a civil marriage license, but rather used a Jewish marriage contract, called a ketubah. Even though the ketubah is a religious contract it is nonetheless recognized by family courts when obtaining a civil divorce in New York.

As a result, the woman is considered an agunah, a chained woman, whose relationship has fallen apart, but who is still considered married by the community until her husband grants her a divorce. Some community leaders have said that gets are often abused during divorces, with many husbands withholding granting one in order to obtain more favorable settlements from their ex-spouses.

Getting A Divorce

While the above story may appear unique, the truth is that divorce disputes are very common and can affect anyone, regardless of their backgrounds. Getting dragged into contentious divorce proceedings can lead to years of both emotional and financial struggles.

Anybody who is seeking to settle a divorce in an efficient and favorable manner should contact an experienced family law lawyer. With expert legal advice, spouses looking to obtain a divorce settlement will have the assistance they need to hopefully bring about a satisfactory conclusion to their divorce process.

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